The Los Angeles Biergarten a family owned restaurant offering a large selection of draft beers, cocktails and fare with a unique Bavarian feel.

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The Los Angeles Biergarten opened in September of 2015 the third and biggest location for the Vazquez Family. The other two locations- Downey Brewing Co. in the city of Downey operating since 2008, and Hops and Barley Alehouse in the city of South Gate since 2013.

The Los Angeles Biergarten was opened with the goal of serving the residents of the Historic Core and visitors to the Downtown area.  The space it occupies is nearly 4,000 sq feet and it's situated right along many bustling theatres, retail stores, and emerging new businesses along Broadway. 

Part of the distinctive characteristics of the L.A. Biergarten is their 100 Draft Beer System that is corraled by the 65 ft counter bar that offer guests a vast selection of beers choices.  The drink menu offers 9 Exclusive House Beers, Domestic Craft, and International Beers with an emphasis on Bavarian Beers from Germany.

Beer styles range from balanced Pilseners to aggressive India Pale Ales. Brown Ales, Marzens, Imperial IPAs, Hefeweizens, Barleywines, Stouts, Ciders, and Sours to name a few.  And to keep things interesting, seasonal and limited releases are added to menu as they become available through their beer distributors.

Our various LCDs and Projectors offer a wide variety of sporting events for your enjoyment. We also specialize in UFC PPV, Boxing PPV, UEFA Champions League, and College Sports.

The Mezzanine offers a secluded and more private setting for those seeking to enjoy fine Whiskeys and Specialty Cocktails.  Separated with thick curtains, this upper level is ideal for private events and gatherings- offering a counter bar and a comfortable lounge setting.



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75o South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90014



Monday- 3pm to 10pm

Tuesday 3pm–11pm
Wednesday 3pm–11pm
Thursday 3pm to 12am

Fri & Sat 12pm to 2am

Sun 12pm–11p

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