100 Beers on Tap- No Kidding!

Many visitors the the Los Angeles Biergarten often ask us about the exact number of draft beers that we offer.  Our answer, since day one, has been the same- 100 Different Beers.

We might add that it's a very difficult task to maintain, update, and keep track of all beers and their freshness, but it's a task we enjoy working on each and every week.

Our current beer list as of April 15th

Beer Menu at the Biergarten.jpg

You can say we are a bit passionate about offering as many beer selections from as many breweries as possible.  Our Bottled Beer Selections are currently at 41 which can make selecting a beer a bit difficult.

Quick History on the historic Chapman Building

Historian 4 Hire ... Charles J. Fisher

Found this nice article that mentions the early history of the Chapman Building, written by Mr. Charles J. Fisher.
Historical Monument #899

We thought it would be nice to share pictures from inside the restaurant but also from inside and on-top of the Chapman Building.