100 Beers on Tap- No Kidding!

Many visitors the the Los Angeles Biergarten often ask us about the exact number of draft beers that we offer.  Our answer, since day one, has been the same- 100 Different Beers.

We might add that it's a very difficult task to maintain, update, and keep track of all beers and their freshness, but it's a task we enjoy working on each and every week.

Our current beer list as of April 15th

Beer Menu at the Biergarten.jpg

You can say we are a bit passionate about offering as many beer selections from as many breweries as possible.  Our Bottled Beer Selections are currently at 41 which can make selecting a beer a bit difficult.

Wasn't this another business?

We often get this question in a variety of ways... and we always love to share information on this subject.

We came to occupy part of the west side floor lever of the Chapman Buidling that once was occupied by the Los Angeles Brewing Company aka LA Brew Co.  For many years, patrons came to partake of the many beer selections and entertainment that was offered by the LA Brew Co. But, like many businesses that run their cycle this one did as well and they moved on.

Customers will find somewhat similar settings that remind them of previous visits but as we work behind the scenes they will also notice significant changes. 

Quick History on the historic Chapman Building

Historian 4 Hire ... Charles J. Fisher

Found this nice article that mentions the early history of the Chapman Building, written by Mr. Charles J. Fisher.
Historical Monument #899

We thought it would be nice to share pictures from inside the restaurant but also from inside and on-top of the Chapman Building.